Sandstone Lani

Interior Architecture
About the project
The Interior Architecture project aimed to create a chill atmosphere for a tourism property located in Foz do Sizandro, with a focus on providing a momentary interruption for guests to contemplate and rejuvenate their interior balance. The design will draw inspiration from the long sandy beach, fresh sea breeze, calm surroundings, and the stones that connect the property to the ground and beach.
Foz do Sizandro, Mafra
Project type
500 m2
Inês Amaro
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The Interior Architecture project presented the challenge of reconciling a modern and minimalist aesthetic with the strong presence of the exterior stone. Additionally, the interior space must be made more comfortable and warm to provide an excellent guest experience.
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Our approach focused on using a minimalist and modern design while incorporating warm and comfortable elements to enhance the guest experience. The natural inspiration of the surrounding beach and stones will be highlighted through the use of textures and colors. The strong exterior stone will be celebrated as a unique feature of the property and blended seamlessly into the design. The design will provide an immersive experience that invites guests to contemplate and rejuvenate their senses.
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