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The Gran Reserva is an interior design project located in Ericeira, Mafra, for a tourism property. The project aimed to capture the essence and character of the place and incorporate themes from the ocean, ground, and natural elements, with hints of yellow accents. The goal was to enhance the guest experience by creating an interior that feels like a small reserve within the world surfing reserve of Ericeira. The concept is like a great wine that captures the essence of the place and stays true to its character and values.
Ericeira, Mafra
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Interior Designer
Ana Rocha
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Reconciling the natural materials aesthetic with the presence of the outside stone, softening harsh and white lighting on ceilings, and creating a comfortable, eye-catching interior that avoids typical white and blue decoration.
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Our approach focused on balancing natural materials with the presence of outside stone and incorporating soft lighting to enhance the guest experience. The interior will feature eye-catching elements and colors that evoke the character and history of Ericeira, while still maintaining a sense of balance and well-being. The concept of "slow living" will underpin the design, providing guests with a space that promotes recharging and relaxation.
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