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The Emerald Coastal Cove is an Interior Design project, located in Malveira da Serra, Cascais, that aims to integrate natural elements and promote social gatherings, and wellness while embracing thoughtful design to highlight the property's beauty. The concept for the Interior Design project is called "The Emerald Coastal Cove," which is a serene space where sophistication and nature coexist. The project seeks to create an atmosphere of relaxation, rejuvenation, wonder, and inspiration.
Malveira da Serra, Cascais
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Interior Designer
Ana Rocha
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The challenges of this Interior Design project included designing big social areas that met the needs of the family and balancing the preferences of different family members, particularly in the kids' bedrooms. Additionally, the basement's adaptability and flexibility might change over time, requiring careful planning solutions.
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Our approach relied on designing a natural "harbor" where the ocean and mountain come together to create a serene atmosphere that encourages family connections and nature appreciation. The design aims to balance work and leisure and inspires tranquility. Bold statements and unique design elements will disrupt the status quo and create a personal and memorable space. The concept of "slow living" will underpin the project's design to create a sense of sophistication, wonder, relaxation, and rejuvenation. The project was designed to the family explore their own connection as a family and with nature. Whether to relax in a cozy nook or entertain guests in a grand living space, it will take you on a journey of discovery and rejuvenation. The result was accomplished by embracing minimalistic design and providing a timeless and stylish aesthetic that reflects the unique personality of the property owner.
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