Interior Design with impact

As human beings, we seek in places we inhabit an answer to our most immediate needs. Whether related to family, recreational or professional issues.

Sometimes, as we enter into a place, we feel a sense of comfort and well-being. And often, we do not understand the source of its reason. Maybe, the main reason is that it was designed by someone with visionary skills, like an architect or interior designer. But how can you organize a place by shaping it into what we want? The obvious answer should be to understand how people will use it (its core functionality). Then, questions about lighting, color, type of materials and textures will make (almost) everything possible.

For example, usually open spaces foster interaction, while smaller ones are used to increase concentration.

But this is where many questions and doubts arise. And those questions must (or at least should) help us build key indicators to give form, characterization, and experience to the place itself.

But what about people? What will they feel about that?

Can we focus more on them? Absolutely.

For example, through design, we seek to explore the intersection between functionality, aesthetics, and experience. Design can shape our way of being, our feelings and our experience of what surrounds us.

And like life itself, a cycle is formed. If we understand people, the place itself will do the rest.

Have you ever thought about the risk of acquiring a car brand which ignored design? What would be the impact on aerodynamics, safety, comfort, efficiency, aesthetics, and performance? How would that make you feel? Even more challenging would be to sell this product, assuming it would not be the only brand on the market. Nowadays, it would not make any sense.

Whether it is a dwelling, an office or a commercial space, it’s important to understand that our environment helps us build an image or an aspiration of who we are or who we want to be. Therefore, the environment in which we operate ends up shaping our behavior and our experiences.

Does your home environment reflect the personality, ambition, and behaviors you envision?

Does your business environment increase well-being, productivity and help strengthen employee unity?

Does the hotel or resort environment impact the desired brand experience and therefore metrics such as RevPar (Revenue per Available Room), CAC (Cost per Customer Acquisition), among others?

At Wonderstudio we believe that architecture and design are fundamental for the quality of life and human progress. These disciplines allow us to influence the way we live, work and celebrate life through new environments and experiences.

Lastly, in everything we do, there is huge regard for the design and impact of the project. History and heritage are preserved so that the created environment allows to meet the desired experience or experiences you wished and dreamed for.

See you soon.